In Memory Of

Champion, Karello's Oliver Twist

08/30/97 - 08/12/01

In every pet owner's life there comes that one cat that stands apart from all the other cats you've known, Oliver was that one for me, until Sam and then Tugger and now Willy. At one time, Oliver was my best friend and beloved companion. He had a way of communicating with me that no other cat has ever done before.

At the age of two, Oliver became very ill. He was taken to the Vet determined to have a heart ailment and put on medication. In the spring of 2001 Oliver was doing much better. I was given the green light by his Veterinarian to begin showing him again. Sadly, just five months later Oliver's illness got worse, this time in addition to his current condition he had renal failure as a secondary result of his current condition. I was told it was only a matter of time until his conditions would take his life. Since he wasn't in pain, suffering at that time and his quality of life was still good, he was not put down. Time went by and Oliver's condition got worse as predicted, there was no more that could be done but to end his suffering. On a late, dark night in August, my children and myself said good-bye to our beloved Oliver. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done at that time. I knew I couldn't be selfish though, I had to do what needed to be done to end his suffering. Although I had Oliver just under four years, his memory will last a life time. He is still sadly missed by all of our family to this day but also remembered dearly each time his name is brought up or a red tabby kitten is born and graces us with it's presence!

Oliver's health stopped him short of becoming a Grand Premier I know in his heart he was one already. Oliver loved going to shows and being in the show ring. He showed himself very well and was a very beautiful cat. My heartfelt thanks goes out to CFA judge Jeri Williard-Zottoli who gave Oliver Best of Breed and 6th Best cat in Premiership in her ring, in what was Oliver's last show May 2001.

05/21/02...Although we lost Oliver there is always a bright side to the story. Oliver's parents we're bred again, from their last litter Karello's Sam's Son, "Samson" was born. Samson went on to fulfill the dreams I had for Oliver and has blessed our lives in so many ways. Samson attended his first kitten show in Newport News, VA on May 18th and 19th, 2002. He charmed all who saw him, got called back to 2 finals and in each he earned 9th Best Kitten. Oliver would have be so proud of his little brother. Samson is the first of many long hair Manx show cats, he has done so well. Samson's earned titles were Grand Champion, Grand Premier, Regional Winner WAY TO GO SAMSON!

07/31/19..Samson was retired and lived life on easy street as a fat cat with my daughter til the age of 15 when we lost him. When Oliver's half brother Karello's Play It Again Sam's (Sam) was born I never imagined in my wildest dreams I'd find the one in a thousand cats I bond so deeply with ever again. In fact, Sam was promised to a Manx breeder friend of mine. It seemed the more I resisted, the more Sam insisted he be noticed for he knew he was meant to be my best friend. Sam has found the void Oliver left in my heart and has filled it to over flowing. I know it sounds impossible my being a breeder having so many cats come in and out of my life, however Sam was once my favorite cat in the world. It's as if Oliver had been reborn in Sam. I was loved and cherished again by a truly wonderful Manx fellow, one couldn't imagine life without the other, we're linked. Speaking of the other, Sam's other brother Tugger, seemed to pick up where Sam left off. When Sam couldn't be found, Tugger was there needing to be stroked or loved. What wonderful boys they were, I'm am still so very blessed. I lost Sam in 2011. Tugger went on in his brother's footsteps to the age of 14 when we lost Tugger 01/21/18. He became my most favorite cat to date.

Grand Premier, Karello Rolley Pulley

03/26/96 - 08/09/02

Almost a year to the day we had to say good-bye to Oliver, we unexpectedly had to say good-bye to Rolley, Oliver's older half brother and show companion. August wasn't a very good month for Karello Cattery those two years.

"Rolley" was Karello Cattery's first Grand cat, and he loved being shown. In May 2002, Rolley developed a bowel blockage. He was treated by our vet, given medication and laxatives hoping in time the condition would completely resolve itself, at which time it did. Later, in August the condition resurfaced again. This time the Vet told me even with very expensive surgery he would not be able to guarantee a full recovery. I was prepared to pay for the expensive surgery, but knew that wouldn't be what I needed to concern my self with most. I needed to keep the quality of life he was going to live afterward in mind. I needed to look beyond my own selfish reasons to keep him alive. Was I prepared to handle the needed medical care he may need after surgery? Can I handle the heart break of doing all I could, spending enormous amounts of money and in the end still having to put him down? I resolved to have Rolley put to sleep, it was a very tough decision, one I didn't want to make but had no choice as his owner. The vet told me he was suffering, his chances at a normal life after surgery we're not good and it was the right thing to do. Rolley would have needed on going medications, have the possibility of another bowel problem, surgery with more expense and in the end the result would have been the same. Rolley is sadly missed at Karello Cattery as are all our beloved felines we've had to say good-bye to. I am thankful we as pet owners have vets who can help us with tough decisions like this and we have this option, but am sad for the loss we feel when losing a beloved pet.

Karello's Camouflague Queen

08/28/99 - 10/22/05

"Cami" was Karello's Oliver Twist's full sister from the litter before Oliver. Cami was my son's best friend and companion.

This is Cami here with her last litter. She was delivered C-section and she was spayed. Apparently, Cami didn't know Manx have on average 3 to 4 kittens in their litters. Cami was producing 6 kittens at a time in her last litters.

CH, Briar-Brae My Black Sambo

04/20/95 - 03/07/06

Sambo was my foundation male and sire to most of Karello Cattery's best kittens before GC, BW, RW, SGC, IW MinusDeTails Northern Exposure (P.J.) came into our lives. We lost P.J. much sooner than we wanted. Presently, his son CH, Karello's Who's Your Daddy? ( Derzer) is our stud.

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

When getting a new Manx due to the fact that a cat has died, been lost or formerly owned by you, "please keep an open mind." The Manx breed is a minority breed, there aren't a lot of breeders and we don't always have kittens readily available when your looking for one. Try not to have unrealistic expectations, be flexible. Don't insist on a rumpy only in a specific color, chances are your not going to be able to find it very easily or in a timely manner. Rumpies are most sought after, most breeders keep them to show and charge much more for them. Be prepared for some colors to take longer for breeders to produce than others. I know this is sometimes a difficult thing to do, because of prior attachment and our own personal preferences. However, it may help to keep you from comparing the two cats and having expectations of the old one to the new one. If you find this impossible as many do it's ok. Be sure your happy with your choice based on it's personality not coloration and prior attachements to your last cat. I've come across people who only like a certain color and breed of pet and stick to it. This is fine, if you choose to do this it's yours to do so. I must admit, that after having Oliver Twist in my life, I now hold a very special place in my heart for red tabby males when before they were just red tabby males. As a result of losing Oliver and having his brother Samson and Sam. I now hold a very special place in my heart for cream tabby males, as well. You and your new Manx deserve the best possible chance at a new beginning together, choose what makes you happiest. If there's anything I can do to help you with your decision, don't hesitate to contact me.

Time heals all wounds they say, but often not the way another feline friend does. New friends can soften the pain, warm the heart and lift the spirit. Don't punish yourself when your favorite pet dies, replace it. It's not disrespectful to seek the companionship of another cat, think of it as a tribute to the years served by the prior cat. There is no set time, one must mourn the loss of a beloved pet and companion each in their own way. It can be very lonely and harder to get over losing a pet when there are no others in the household to fill the void.

Our beloved pets, friends and family have left us and gone on to Rainbow Bridge. One day I hope to see them again, until then I will always keep them close in my dreams and forever in my heart. Oliver lives through Samson, Rolley lives through Tony. P.J. thru Derzer. They all are remembered by Karello Cattery, it's darling kittens and adults and our accomplishments.

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