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Pictured within our Kitten Archive page you'll find kittens with various qualities, tail lengths, colors and patterns produced by our breeding stock. These kittens are NOT AVAILABLE, they are presented on this page as examples of the beautiful, quality kittens we produce.

~ Show Quality~

GC, GP, RW Karello's Sam's Son

Cream tabby, dimple, rumpy, neutered male. "Samson" was CFA's 2nd Best long hair Manx kitten nationally for show season 2002-2003. Samson is a lotof fun to show, I can't decide who enjoys it more me or him. He is a wonderful ambassador of his breed, he absolutely loves people and be handled by the judges.

GC, RW Karello's Sam's I Am of Briar-Brae

Red tabby and white, rumpy riser, male. Viewed here as a kitten, "Sammy" was CFA's Best short hair Manx kitten with 2,033.35 points and Gulf Shore Region's 9th Best kitten for show season 2003-2004 earning him a regional win. He is owned and currently being used as stud by CFA judge Barbara St. Georges.

GC, GP, RW Karello's Play It Again Sam's

Cream tabby and white, rumpy, male. "Sam" was a one show grand at the Buffalo Cat Fanciers show on 12/28/04. My hopes of Sam siring kittens was easily pushed aside by my desire to have him by my side. I neutered Sam in the Fall of 2005, I couldn't stand the fact of my favorite cat living his life out in a cage. He is my "beloved" pride and joy, in a few years after he's matured I hope to take him back out and show him some more.

CH, GP Karello's Sam's Bella Luna

Blue-cream and white, dimple, rumpy, spayed female. Viewed here as a kitten, "Bella" was CFA's 2nd Best long hair Manx kitten nationally with 594.20 show season 2003-2004. Bella was very well liked as a kitten as well as remembered by the judges. I especially remember CFA judge Barbara Sumner's comments about her each time she'd see her "Here's the girl who's been out all night partying and woke up with dark circles around her eyes!" Bella has been shown to the status of Grand Premier, retired and is now living in a loving home with a wonderful family in Pennsylvania as their pet.

GP Karello's Sam's Rum Tum Tugger

Red tabby and white, rumpy riser, long hair, neutered male. Viewed here as a young adult. Although very beautiful, "Tugger" didn't totally enjoy showing. So after he finished achieving his title, he retired from showing to be my pet. He is Sam's brother and litter mate, he has a silly, darling personality I found very endearing and amusing, I couldn't part with him. Tugger was a guest at the 2005 Madison Square Garden show in New York representing his breed in the Parade of Breeds ring, he represented his breed and got his picture above taken at the same time.

GP Karello's Sam's Purrgus McKitty

Red tabby and white, rumpy riser, long hair, neutered male. Viewed here as a young adult. Gus lives with and is owned by Kim and Tim Robitaille in Kentucky. He was the fifth kitten born and shown to the title of Grand from LaBearer Red Hot Tumalle of Karello, earning her and Karello Cattery it's first Distinguished Merit Award.

This is the part of our page where we're proud to show off our "Pet Quality" kittens. We do our best to be sure each and every Manx we place gets a loving, wonderful home they all deserve. The difference between Show and Pet quality could be something as minor as eyes that are not round enough, an ear set that sits to high or a Manx with too high of a rise or full tail.

~ Pet Quality ~


Rosey lives with a very nice family in Philadelphia, PA. Her coloring is a tortoise shell or more commonly known as tortie. Isn't she beautiful!

Jackie and Baby Girl

Jackie and Baby Girl we're adopted together, they live in West Virginia with their owners Keith and Arlene. Jackie is a red tabby, Baby Girl is a blue cream.

Max, Lilly and Ariel

Max, Lilly and Ariel live in Maryland with Bonnie. Max is a red tabby, he was the first to be adopted. It wasn't long after Bonnie was hooked on the Manx breed cat she got back in touch with me and adopted Lilly and Ariel. Lilly is all white and Ariel is a red tabby. (Ariel is litter mate to Jackie above)


Bridgett lives with Stephanie in PA, her coloring is red tabby. Stephanie has shared some very interesting stories about Bridgett's antics with me, in this case she got the picture to show how smart she is, she knows that balloon is for her birthday.


Whimsey lives with Barbara in Alabama, he's a "tailed", red tabby, long hair. Barbara requested Whimsey's tail not be docked, I'm thankful owners like Barbara are caring enough to chose not to have this done I wish more were like her. This is a good picture that shows how silly Whimsey is, what a pose.


Tallulah live in Maryland with Gwen, she is a "tailed" tortie. Gwen has also chosen not to have Tallulah's tail docked, there are many cats of mine like this with no ill effects. Gwen has shared some very interesting stories with me about Tallulah. I especially liked the "lamp story". This is one smart cat, let me tell you! She wants us to "think" she's a cat, but really she isn't Gwen says!

Miss Pitty Pat

Miss Pitty Pat lives in Texas with Laquita, she's a rumpy riser, tortie and white. Laquita described her ideal kitten as being spirited and bad. If ever there was a cat made to order, Miss Pitty Pat was the for Laquita. Laquita tells me Miss Pitty Pat is very spirited and has a mind of her own. She prefers to rule the roost and demands her attention, she's just what she wanted.

Cracker Jacks

Laquita's family enjoyed Miss Pitty Pat so much she decided to get another Manx from me for her grandaughter. Cracker is all white and also lives in Texas. He has two children to grow up with and is loved very much.

Sir Pouncival

Pounce is another kitten Laquita got from me for her other granddaughter. He too lives in Texas with a very special little girl. He is dressed up like a doll on a regular basis and pushed around in a carriage. He thinks that's his sole purpose in life!

Sherman and Brix

Sherman and Brix are littermates, they are both dock tail, red tabby males. Sherman lives in Ohio with Linda and Brix lives in the "Big Apple" (New York) with Debbie. Sherman doesn't realize waking up to the Police standing over you in the middle of the night is not funny because he decided to pull the alarm cord for fun! After an initial period of adjusting to the hustle and bustle of New York, I'm told Brix finally came out from under the bed and enjoys city life and smoozing up to his new Mom. We look forward to visiting with Debbie and Brix on our next trip to NY for the Madison Square Garden show in October.


"Venus" is a tortie and white dock tail. Venus touched our hearts so deeply with her captivating personality and chatters when she wants attention we decided to keep her for our family pet. Venus has never been used for breeding and is spayed. She is not show quality and does not even "look" like a Manx although she is but that didn't matter to us. She is a terrific cat and our favorite pet female. I have many special kittens like Venus born in my litters each time. If you'd like a special Venus for in your life, email me and we'll talk about the upcoming litters.


"Hailwood" is a black with white lockets. He resides in Paoli, Pa with his owner and companion Joe. His first birthday is in July 2006, I'm told he really wants a Harley as a gift. Joe tells me Hailwood is named after a famous motorcycle racer. Mike Hailwood was a nine-time World Champion, winner of 76 career Grands Prix, and 14-time winner of the legendary Isle of Man TT. To many Mike is the greatest motorcycle racer of all time. A racer who came out of retirement after an 11-year absence and, against all odds, returned to win at the Isle of Man.

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