On this page you will find references to "domestic tailless" cats. The genetic mutation that causes the registered Manx cat to be born without a tail can happen in "any cat". This happening in "any cat" does not then make the off spring of "any cat" born without a tail a Manx cat. Those tailless off spring of "any cat" are what should more correctly be referred to as "domestic tailless" cats, not Manx, Manx/mix or unregistered Manx cats. Domestic tailless cats descendants are usually unknown and cannot be traced like that of the registered Manx cat back to the Isle of Man. As a registered Manx cat breeder I know there is a difference, I will not attempt to deceive anyone into thinking a tailless cat is a Manx, when in deed it is not, just to find it a home. Rest assured since I do know the difference, if I say it's a Manx cat you can believe it is a genuine Manx cat and can be proven.


We have no Manx in urgent need of homes, however we do have some older adults that have been retired from showing or breeding that need forever homes. Check out our Avail Adults page.


Visit our "Available Adults" page for more available cats who need homes, now!

^i^ It is my sincere hope that all animal breeders will be responsible, and do not over breed. This often produces unsocialized, unwanted, unhomed animals. Animal breeding isn't for everyone however, if you decided to be an animal breeder, please ensure unwanted animals have a place to come back to in the event things don't work out. Alter your animals before you place them so there isn't any unwanted litters and your not promoting back yard breeding. Help stop over populating shelters, be responsible for what you create and stop giving animal breeders as a whole a bad name. ^i^

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Karello Cattery gives no guarantee to the temperament, health, personality, availability or anything having to do with any of the cats listed on this page. This page serves "only" as a point of contact in helping Manx or Domestic Tailless cats in need of rescue find homes. Karello Cattery is not responsible or liable for any transactions, representation or misrepresentation made by any of the listings, their owners or foster's and does not endorse any cattery, breeder, company, organization, agency or individual appearing on this page. Any transactions or purchases made through or as a result of a listing on this page is the sole responsibility of that cattery, breeder, rescue, company, organization and individual who requested listing or individual who requested said cat not Karello Cattery. We will make every effort to only publish information from reputable sources that is up to date and will not tolerate anyone taking advantage of this offer. In the event you find we've listed someone questionable, please email me and I'll be happy to look into it. Be prepared to verify your affiliation with a rescue league, group or shelter if representing one. Said animals are to be spayed or neutered prior to placements and are never to be used for breeding.

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